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FAQ > How to Include external html page into the content area of SimpleWeb


How to Include external html page into the content area of SimpleWeb


Step 1:
Create html page: IncludePage.html and upload to yourwebsitename.com

Step 2:
Copy the code below into a blank text file by using Notepad.

document.write('<iframe src="http://yourwebsitename.com/IncludePage.html" frameborder="0" width="550" height="180" name="anyname"></iframe>');



  • Replace yourwebsitename.com with your exact Website URL
  • Replace the IncludePage.html with your html page
  • Change the value of the frameborder, width, height and name according to your design.

Save it as whatever file name you like, with a .js extension.  For example: Include.js

Upload Include.js into root directory of web host by using FTP Client Software ( eg. Core FTP )

Step 3:

Login to SimpleWeb Control Panel

Edit the page that you wish to insert the external page, click on the HTML button of the editor Menu.

The HTML Source Editor Windows will popup.

Insert the code below

<script language="JavaScript" src="Include.js" type="text/javascript">

on every page that you want your included html to appear, add the following code exactly where you want the html to show up.


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